20 Ways to Imagine What Fibromyalgia Disorder Feels Like

Most of people don’t believe on fibromyalgia, they say its all in your head. You also have faced such people in your life. Sometime people ask from you about your illness, so that is our time to explain what fibromyalgia is like because they have not experience what we are experiencing. Fibromyalgia is the hardest thing to deal with people don’t understand. We asked the question to our online Facebook community that How do you describe your feeling about fibromyalgia?.

Fibromyalgia is a great incentive to live for each day. If you wake up and can move, make the most of it. If you wake up and can’t move, then don’t. Get some rest, read a book, watch a movie. It might not be what you want, but it’s what you have to do for that day. Tomorrow is a new day and may well be different to yesterday. Be thankful that you have tomorrow because many people don’t. I know it’s difficult to feel that way when you’re in constant agony but there is always something good to in each day.

No words to describe how awful it is it’s a living hell, It makes feel like I don’t have a life no more. But we have compiled few of the pain description tell us by our members below.

This is what community shares with us:

1.Imagine the worst flu you have ever had then multiply that by 10, then imagine having been beaten ,or hit by a car , then think about the most exhausted you have ever been and multiply by 10. And maybe you can imagine how a good day living with Fibromyalgia feels. A bad day really defies all understanding and comprehension.